Geyser Repairs

United Projects only has vast experience in the plumbing industry with geyser installations in particular. We install geysers, all day, every day for Residential and Commercial Customers. We install 50, 100, 150 and 200 litre geysers inside the ceiling or mounted to a wall.

Has your geyser started leaking or is your water not heating up? Don’t wait, get your geyser replaced same day. No matter who your insurance is we can help you. All our area agents have experience dealing with insurance companies to make sure you get paid out. Geyser replacements of burst geysers is our speciality at Geyser Experts, we have a full range of geyser brands and sizes in stock so we can help you after hours in most cases.  

New Geyser Installation

Geysers are installed either in a vertical or a horizontal position.

Horizontal Geyser Installation

Horizontally installed geysers are generally installed inside a roof, positioned on load-bearing beams, installed against a double brick wall fastened to the wall with anchor bolts.

Vertical Geyser Installation

Vertically installed geysers are typically installed against a double brick wall fastened to the wall with anchor bolts or placed vertically on a purposely made stand.

Our Services

  • Replacement of Element
  • New Geyser Installation
  • Hot water issue. ie water not heating up
  • Leaking Geyser
  • Assessment & Damage Report on Burst gyser


Geyser Repairs

Hot water issue

The most common sign of problems with your Geyser is problems with hot water. Most water heaters are 150L – 200L in size which is a lot of hot water but over time mineral deposits build-up around the heating element, less and less heat reaches the water and the hot water supply diminishes.
Eventually, the constant heating the Geyser begins to leak, or the element itself needs to be replaced. Noisy Geyser
The second most common sign of a failing Geyser is popping or banging noises. This is also related to the buildup of mineral deposits in the tank. As the water heater tries to heat the water the deposits insulate the heat from the water causing the tank to overheat and make these noises. This constant overheating of the tank causes metal fatigue and the tank eventually fails and starts to leak.

Geyser replacement

A leaking, burst or cold geyser is most annoying as it occurs at the most inconvenient times. We at United Projects are all too aware of this fact, and therefore we are fully equipped and stocked to handle any emergency related to a leaking, burst or cold geyser with ease 24/7 in the Pretoria Centurion, Midrand, and Johannesburg North areas.

We will always verify the validity of the warranty on your burst or leaking geyser and components before we do any repair or replacement and will gladly assist with the process of the warranty claim should it be necessary.

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